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What is a setup?

A guitar setup is like a check-up at the dentist or a tune-up for a car. It is a series of adjustments performed by a guitar tech making sure all elements of your guitar are in balance making your instrument easier to play, sound better, stay in tune and not break strings. These include the height of the neck and strings, the nut slots, action height, straightness of the neck and the intonation. We also take the extra time to evaluate and adjust any hardware which may be loose or incorrectly fitted.


How much is a set up?

Guitar set ups begin at $65. Price differs for bass guitars, Floyd Rose and other special instruments. Please inquire for more detailed pricing.


Why do I need a set up?

When your guitar is adjusted properly, the wood of the guitar will settle properly, which will lessen the likelihood of warping. For the best performance of most instruments, you will need a setup two to four times per year, usually when the season's change. Getting your guitar setup during the winter and summer is a good way to combat the ill effects of temperature and humidity.


No really, when do I need a set up?

At the very least, you should have your instrument set up once a year. All instruments will age and deteriorate with time and use. Having this annual "check up" will help avoid major problems or repair work.


Can't I just do that myself?

Certainly! Guitar set up adjustments are relatively easy to perform and there are plenty of how-to videos and instructional texts available. However, the measurements are just a piece of the equation of a set up. Each instrument needs slight adjustments to achieve the right blend of tone, feel and sensitivity to touch for each player. If you enjoy learning a new skill and have a knack for this type of work, then go for it. We would recommend having your instrument set up professionally first to serve as a benchmark for your reference. And if anything happens while you begin working on your own instrument, always feel free to come in and we can set it right again for you. With no judgement. We are always here to help!


Do you accept credit cards?

We accept cash, check or credit cards.


How long will it take to repair my instrument?

Depending on work load, most set ups can be done within the week. Other repairs that require more extensive work can take 2-4 weeks. You will be given an estimated date of completion during your initial consultation.


Can I get it done sooner?

Sure. There is a rush fee associated with putting your instrument in the front of the line. Please inquire during your consultation if you need it done by a particular date/time.


Can you adjust/repair/set up my instrument while I wait?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate this request. Generally speaking, we spend a few days on each guitar making sure we have covered the entire instrument and tested all aspects of the stability of your instrument.


I don't know if there is a problem or not. What should I do?

We offer free estimates and provide honest consultations. There is a minimum $25 bench fee anytime we have to put your guitar on the bench and open it up to diagnose a more extensive problem that is beyond what we can tell you during your initial consultation. Please make an appointment to discuss your needs and concerns.

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